For many Christians, the idea that God will one day reconcile everyone back to him is rather new and has the touch of heresy. Therefore, we offer FREE Zoom training for people who want to learn more. We have individual training with different content and different length. Contact us if you are interested and we’ll find something that fits your group (cell group, house church…). 

Note: the training is not offered by the creator of the documentary but by the team. 

4h training

One training we offer is a 4h course that takes a detailed look at the common arguments against universal reconciliation and informs us about the reasons why we believe in universal reconciliation from a biblical perspective. We recommend this training as a good introduction to the whole topic. 

Other training we offer:

What is the Gospel and how can I share it?

How does the God of the OT fit in with Jesus and his teachings?

Rethinking God’s character

Rethinking God’s justice

Missions, the unreached, and God’s heart for the lost